In the beginning…

It was a gloomy day outside our manor, and we were bored with our failed reanimation attempts. My husband and I, newlyweds at the time, sat pondering in our library what we could do to fill the gaps in between our treasured experiments. In a moment of exuberance, I jumped to my feet and exclaimed, “We must start a shop!” He heartily agreed, and the journey of our little idea began.
Products and vintage memorabilia were an easy find due to grave robbing as well as the occasional acquisition of another manor. We had soon collected what we wanted to begin our humble shop, and as you will see, found some exquisite items that we hope all will love!
In between our experiments, I create and recycle using the products and materials we have discovered. My husband markets, does the tiresome banking, and shoots the impeccable photos that you see on our shop page.
We hope to grow this little shop into something bigger, but for now, we shall continue to sell these little treasures to you.

Inquisitive InventorsImage


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