Discovering Vintage

We decided to go on a vintage hunt, and, taking advice from some local thrift store owners, headed to a place dubbed “Retro Row” on 4th St. in Long Beach, CA where the street was filled with vintage themed shops and thrift stores.

As we drove, we saw the store fronts shift and the culture of the area change from normal street corners to vivid buildings and beautiful window displays. Colorful vintage store fronts and clever names filled our view.

We began with a store entitled The Feed Store; a beautiful vintage store that had unique vintage items ranging from wedding dresses to small cowboy hats in boxes. It was a store filled with items that anyone could fall in love with instantly. (Check out the Feed Store here.)

As we continued to walk 4th street, we saw how these shops brought life and diversity to what would normally be just another street. A sense of pride was displayed in the street colors, signs and even bicycle racks. This same pride can be seen with vintage sellers on Etsy. Although we don’t have a physical storefront, our virtual presence, and everything it encompasses, should be just as inviting and sensorial. Do your photos give the customer an experience akin to holding the item in their hands? Do your descriptions paint a picture?  Our photos allow our customers to see the item and the description is their contact with the feeling, smell, and connection with the item. Our shop names draw people in, and our About pages give people glimpses of the person behind the counter.

We realized the more we treat our vintage shop like it’s a member of “Retro Row” in Long Beach, California the more customers will be able to experience a vintage shopping experience. Our passion can be displayed as people discover our vintage, and we discover theirs. So, keep hunting and always remember that your shop is really a vintage shop on 4th street in Long Beach, Ca.

Check out our vintage store here!


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