A Hint of Mint

Growing bug free vegetables is the challenge of every gardener. No matter which part of the world you may live in, the bugs come seeking to devour your precious plants. Rather than use insecticide, there are many natural methods to repelling these bothersome creatures.

Mint is a common herb but one that can help in this endeavor. It is a hardy plant, and it can grow in almost any environment. It brings a fresh fragrance to your garden, but it also serves as a bug deterrent to ants, flies, fleas and even mice. It doesn’t just repel, though. It attracts a gardener’s favorite friend: the earthworm.



To begin planting mint, you can start from a seed or buy a plant. Buying the plant is suggested since mint takes longer than others to sprout and come to maturity. Make sure to plant the mint in a location that will receive the bright morning sun but some shade in the afternoon.

The one downfall to mint are its roots. Although it will not choke your other plants, it can quickly take over a garden. It spreads its roots outward while sprouting new leaves, and it can soon become a pesky weed rather than a simple bug deterrent plant. To keep it in check, many have suggested the use of mulch around the plant as well as constant thinning.

As it matures, the mint will continue to grow steadily, and its leaves can be used for many things inside the kitchen. One of my favorite things to do with mint is add it to my black tea. This gives it a lovely, subtle hint of flavor.


Mint is a perfect plant to add to your garden bed for this growing season. Enjoy gardening! 🙂


—–Amanda from D n’ A Riser